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We are a wellness marketing consultancy devoted to helping genuinely good brands stand out in a saturated market. We work with soulful businesses to dream big, ignite conversations and get sparks flying.









Ever since we were little kids, we’ve had it drilled into us that we shouldn’t be sheep. We should do our best to stand out from the crowd and celebrate our own uniqueness (cringe), individuality (cringe) and authenticity (cringe). And then we became teenagers… And suddenly we didn’t want to be different anymore. Now, you’re […]

“You gotta spend money to make money” apparently. Usually, we’re told this by people who don’t actually realise what it’s like to have no money to spend in the first place. If you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to scrape together $5/day to spend on your Facebook Ads, remember this: I know how you […]

If I had $50 for every time I’d heard someone say “Facebook Ads don’t work for me”, I’d have around $6,850. Start-up founders and business owners I’ve spoken with all say the same thing: Facebook Ads don’t work for my business. This may sound harsh, but, here goes: Your business isn’t special or unique. Ouch. […]

Not a day goes by where I don’t see at least a single post blabbing on about Instagram comment pods, “shadow banning” or stories of people miraculously growing their Instagram following overnight. Whilst getting new Instagram followers is harder in 2018 than it was back in, say, 2014, there are some simple things you can […]

Because… Who doesn’t like free marketing? We live in a funny world. A friend recently pointed out that we now highly value candlelit dinners and handwritten letters, when once upon a time they were the norm. I chalk it up to the personal touch. And, you know what? Marketing is heading that way too. Mass […]

I still remember the day I found out that social media marketing was an actual, grown-up job.  I was working in a corporate job I hated and running a blog on the side. A huge part of running the blog was being active on social media. I was on all the platforms, because, back then, that’s […]

So, you’ve run a few successful Facebook ad campaigns and tricked some people into visiting your online store. Living, breathing, human beings. Congrats – you’ve nailed the easy part. Getting traffic to your website is one thing; getting them to purchase is a whole other kettle of sharks. Earlier this year, I put out the […]

When I wrote part 1 of Mistakes you’re making with your Facebook ads, I was planning on waiting a few weeks before writing part 2. I had a bunch of other blog content lined up that I couldn’t wait to write about. But, since this one piece of content got 700 visitors in the space of […]

Think back to the last ad you saw in your Facebook feed. Can you remember what it was? Nope, me neither. The average person is now exposed to thousands of ads every day. We’re bombarded with messages telling us what to buy, how to feel and what to think. And, short of becoming Amish, there’s […]

This article could potentially save you a fair few thousand dollars, so it’s worth the 5 minute read. When I first launched The Sugarfree Box, over a year ago now, I knew that I needed to collaborate with some influencers to help grow our audience. I had bootstrapped the entire business, launching with about two […]


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