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We are a wellness marketing consultancy devoted to helping genuinely good brands stand out in a saturated market. We work with soulful businesses to dream big, ignite conversations and get sparks flying.









Earlier this month, it was Wildbloom’s first birthday. It was also the second anniversary of the day I packed up my desk, handed back the company laptop and said a rather enthusiastic “Adios!” to corporate life (whilst knocking back a few glasses of bubbles). The last 2 years have been the best, worst, scariest, most […]

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of puppy-sitting for my parents’ new Sproodle (yes, it’s a real breed) puppy, Benji. I might be biased, but I think he’s a pretty smart little dog. He’s also really good at hanging on to his toys – and our shoes – for dear life. That is, until he […]

So, you’ve quit your day job, launched a business and invested your savings in something that may or may not work out. I don’t know about you, but I think that takes a bucketload of bravery. And yet, so many business owners stop there. They happily take on all the risks involved with starting a […]

Back when I was a young sapling, ready and raring to launch my first business, I (somewhat surprisingly) had the foresight to download and fill out a business plan template. I recently found it saved in the depths of my Dropbox – and what a cringey* read that was! *Yes, I know “cringey” isn’t a word, […]

As the legendary Seth Godin puts it, “marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” In other words: it’s time to quit using Instagram to promote your products and, instead, focus on building a connection with your audience using Instagram storytelling. Because, building a connection with your audience […]

“I know I should be creating video content but I just can’t talk on camera.” “Video is only for good-looking people. I have a face for radio.” Why is it that so many entrepreneurs are brave enough to invest their life savings and a few limbs into their business, quit their safe corporate careers and […]

I have a confession to make… I’ve been a little silly. In all my blog posts, videos, emails and whatnot so far, I’ve been assuming that you know the basics of email marketing. For some of you, when I’m yabbering on about building an email list and nurturing your email subscribers, I may as well […]

“Yikes! Instagram Ads. Yet another thing I have to learn?!” Bear with me. Instagram Ads are only about as complicated as tying your shoelaces with one hand, whilst balancing on one leg. Which, in the digital marketing world, makes them relatively simple. If you’re unfamiliar with Instagram Ads, you’re forgiven for thinking that they’re the […]

We’ve barely had enough time to break our New Year’s resolutions yet and it’s already clear that some big changes are going to happen in the marketing world this year. Small businesses (a.k.a. those of us with marketing budgets that are missing a few zeroes) aren’t immune to these changes, either. The plates are shifting […]

I love the feeling of a fresh, new year. It’s like buying a new notebook or diary, before the pages get dog-eared and it gets relegated to the dark depths of your handbag. As I write this, I’m sitting on a train heading to Rome, reflecting on the fact that I actually made one of […]


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